Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ivie Rising

O.H. Ivie rose 22,000 acre feet since the City of San Angelo declared Drought Level 1 conditions several months ago.  That's a 33% increase.

The increase came from a series of runoff rains which can be seen below.

Our area is currently under a flash flood watch so there may be more runoff for Ivie and area lakes.

Update 6-1-16: Stephen Brown noted same in Standard Times today.  Ivie holds nearly 95,000 acre feet with more runoff to come.

Update 6-2-16: Ivie is closing in on 100,000 acre feet.  It's currently at 98,190. 

Later on 6-2-16: It;s at 101,000 acre feet and the evening's young!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tonic for Twin Buttes?

The ground is saturated from several days of rain.  Our area is under a flash flood watch until Thursday afternoon.  Might this be a boon for area lakes?  That's my prayer.

Update 5-21-16:  Twin Buttes is up a half foot to 1899.75 ft elevation.

Update 5-22-16:  Below is a picture of the runoff from the South Concho River which feeds Twin Buttes South Pool:

Saturday, May 14, 2016

South Pool Feeding North

The South Pool sits at elevation 1928.3 feet, the highest it's been since the May 2014 flooding event.  Two years ago water gushed through the area pictured below.

I shot these pictures this morning.  The last time I visited the South Pool this area was dry.  Below is the pad area where the city placed pumps to move water when the Equalization Channel was not flowing.

According to a fisherman a rattlesnake was on the pad.  I didn't see or hear it.  Wearing shorts I did not want to take any chances.  Our area has several more rain chances the next two weeks.  Pray for rain.  Our lakes need it, especially the North Pool which sits nearly thirty feet lower in elevation than a brimming South Pool.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rain Falls in South Pool Watershed

The NWS issued a flood advisory for storms that dumped rain for hours south of Twin Buttes Reservoir.  South Concho River flow has more than doubled to 55 cubic feet per second as of 9:45 pm.  Even though it's coming into Twin Buttes South Pool water will flow to the North Pool via the Equalization Channel.  We'll see how much it adds to Twin Buttes, but it could be a nice boost to our local water supplies.