Sunday, July 24, 2016

North Pool Drops

Twin Buttes North Pool is down a half foot this past week.  The South Pool remains high enough for water to flow through the Equalization Channel, a rarity this late in July.  The picture below was taken July 5th.  Current flow is less than pictured below but still remarkably healthy.

For the first time in weeks our area has a reasonable chance of rain.  I pray that God blesses us with healing rains.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fireworks Trash Returns to Twin Buttes

After last year's reprieve fireworks trash returned to the city maintained park at Twin Buttes Reservoir's North Pool.  The park was formerly known as Marina Park, but the marina and camper hookups are long gone.

The trash came back at levels much less than two years ago.

Most of the trash is near a receptacle, but some is by the water.

Should the lake keep rising shoreline trash could become a water hazard.

Overall Twin Buttes avoided its historical 4th of July trash explosion.  Hopefully,  city crews will have the trash cleaned up in the next week or two. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bad Omen: Fireworks OK Outside City Limits

The Standard Times reported:

Thanks to recent rains, Tom Green County officials decided to keep the burn ban lifted for the Fourth of July weekend. As a result, residents will be able to set off fireworks outside the city limits and on private property.
To date the City has been silent on fireworks at Twin Buttes Reservoir.   Last year they told the public not to come to the Marina park and had a police cruiser at the turn off the Mertzon highway inspecting vehicles for banned fireworks. 

The Bureau of Reclamation, which owns Twin Buttes Reservoir, does not allow fireworks period.  With the paper steering citizens outside city limits Twin Buttes may once again be abused.  I'm sure the park and lake appreciated the break from its annual trashing.

I'm hopeful the city will take action to prevent the widespread trashing of one natural resource.  Their silence to date has me concerned.  Look for a report here on the status of fireworks trash at Twin Buttes.