Monday, June 9, 2014

South Pool Flow Beats Pumping

The amount of natural flow from Twin Buttes South Pool exceeds that of three rented pumps.

The pumps' diesel tanks wait for removal at the end of the paved section as one drives to the South Pool after crossing the Equalization Channel.

Add the bump from rain the last two days and the flow should last a bit longer.

Accessing the South Pool might be a challenge for those without four wheel drive.

The good news is the North Pool has water, lots of it.  I windsurfed Saturday, perfectly rigged for the gusts with a 6.0 sail and a 130 liter F2 shortboard.  I realized I'd missed the rollers that develop with a longer fetch.  The water was comfortable, but seemed darker than before.  Debris ringed the shoreline.

In the midst of all that was new and old, I felt an incredible peace, a deep satisfaction.  It felt like home.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Twin Buttes' Massive Increase?

Either the news is much better than I thought or the Standard Times had a typo.  I'm hoping for the former. The Texas Water Development Board has Twin Buttes with 16,635 acre feet.  I thought this data only included the North Pool.  Adding the South Pool's roughly 5,000 acre feet gets Twin Buttes to the 21,500 acre foot level.  It's something to celebrate.