Monday, June 27, 2016

Local Lakes Rise from Rains

Twin Buttes Reservoir is up a half foot since yesterday.  Normally by now the Equalization Channel is dry.  It's running like April.

O.C. Fischer is up nearly the same amount (.4 feet) and Lake Nasworthy rose .43 feet.  Here's the volume of water each body of water added:

Twin Buttes North Pool - 750 acre feet
O.C. Fischer - 550 acre feet
Lake Nasworthy - 525 acre feet 
That increases our local water supply by at least a month.  Each rise is a blessing.

Update 6-29-16:  Lake Ivie rose 1,200 acre feet.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Twin Buttes Steady Riser

This morning's storms are over Twin Buttes watershed and any runoff should help the South Concho River. which feeds the South Pool.  Currently water is flowing from the South Pool to the North Pool through the Equalization Channel. 

Since December 2015 Twin Buttes North Pool is up seven feet to nearly 21,000 acre feet.  That's an increase of over 8,000 acre feet from six months ago.  These numbers do not include the South Pool which has another 6,000 acre feet of water.  We are blessed with each and every increase.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Ivie Up 65,500 Acre Feet

In late April Lake O.H. Ivie held roughly 66,900 acre feet of water.  As of today Ivie's volume is 132,400 acre feet.  Ivie nearly doubled in seven weeks.  That blessing is good news for San Angelo water users and those of who recreate on area lakes.

Update 6-10-16:  Ivie is at 133,600 acre feet.   It's a hair away from a 100% increase.

Update 6-12-16:  Ivie is at 133,900 acre feet.  It's more than DOUBLED! 

Friday, June 3, 2016

More Water Headed to Ivie

Lake O. H.Ivie is up nearly 40,000 acre feet since San Angelo declared Drought Level I water restrictions. It rose 25,000 acre feet in the last week with more to come. 

May the blessing continue!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Twin Buttes North Pool Up Foot

Over the last week Twin Buttes North Pool rose a foot.  The South Pool is much higher and South Concho River volume ensures water will continue to flow through the Equalization Channel.  The North Pool has a long way to go before the two pools equalize but it's happened before.  Pray for rain!