Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pooling the Pools?

The Standard Times headline stated:

Twin Buttes water to be pooled together 

Given the North Pool's lack of rise, vs. the five feet promise, it's more like a pass through.  According to the article the City is pumping 21 million gallons a day from the South Pool.  The city uses 20 million gallons a day, with 12.2 million coming from Ivie Reservoir.

Doing the math, the city pumped 21 million gallons a day to supply 7.8 million gallons of treated water.  Councilman Alexander went from predicting "no loss in pumping" to lamenting a 50% loss.  That means the city loses 10.5 million of the 21 million gallons in transport.

South Pool water raised the North Pool less than a tenth of an inch since pumping began.  Given the two pools relatively equal volume before pumping started, the impact should be much greater.

The City drains the South Pool to meet our non-Ivie supplied water needs.  It's neither complicated nor a combination.

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