Saturday, April 23, 2016

Lake Ivie Up 8,500 Acre Feet: Reduces Pressure on Twin Buttes

Since San Angelo's City Council declared Drought Level I restrictions most area lakes received beneficial runoff rains.  Lake Nasworthy went from 8,010 acre feet to 8,529, an increase of over 500 acre feet.

Lake Ivie went from 66,866 acre feet to 75,410.  That's 8,500 acre feet higher from beneficial rains. Add Twin Buttes North Pool rise of 1,570 acre feet (from 15,410 to 16,987 acre feet) and the City has over seven additional months of water.   In addition Twin Buttes South Pool holds roughly 6,000 acre feet

Staff went to City Council with a very conservative "26 months of water" left.  That's now 33 months.  This is a blessing for our community.  We'll see when Council reconsiders their Drought Level 1 designation.

Update 4-24-16:  As of this morning Ivie holds 75,700 acre feet of water.

Update 4-26-16:  Ivie is now up nearly 10,000 acre feet with storms in the area. 

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