Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ivie Rising

O.H. Ivie rose 22,000 acre feet since the City of San Angelo declared Drought Level 1 conditions several months ago.  That's a 33% increase.

The increase came from a series of runoff rains which can be seen below.

Our area is currently under a flash flood watch so there may be more runoff for Ivie and area lakes.

Update 6-1-16: Stephen Brown noted same in Standard Times today.  Ivie holds nearly 95,000 acre feet with more runoff to come.

Update 6-2-16: Ivie is closing in on 100,000 acre feet.  It's currently at 98,190. 

Later on 6-2-16: It;s at 101,000 acre feet and the evening's young!

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