Friday, December 2, 2016

Twin Buttes Highest Level for 2016

The North Pool at Twin Buttes is at its highest level this year with an elevation of 1,903.3 feet above sea level.  The South Concho is flowing at 30 cubic feet per second and both Spring Creek and Dove Creek are contributing to the North Pool's rise.  The water is now chilly if not outright cold.  I may be reduced to paddle boarding or waiting for an 80 degree day to try windsurfing (while working hard not to fall in).

As of this summer the South Pool stood at 1,929 feet above sea level.  I haven't been out recently to see if this held.   Any water higher than this should just run through the Equalization Channel to the North Pool.

I'm grateful for the water our lakes received this year and pray for future life giving rains. 

Update 12-18-16:  The North Pool's elevation is nearly 1904 feet.  

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