Sunday, May 21, 2017

Water's Up: City Service is Not

For decades San Angelo City officials said they would maintain areas around Twin Buttes Reservoir "when the water came up."  It's up over twenty five feet and there is no evidence of city plans to make improvements.

The city will have saved nearly $1 million for 2016 and 2017 as the annual Bureau of Reclamation payment for dam construction ended in 2015.  The city put none of those savings into the park.

It did contract Twin Buttes security to Texas Parks and Wildlife via the Public Hunting Program.  Citizens have been told "the park is treated bad because it looks bad."  Actually, it is treated bad by irresponsible users dumping and conducting illegal activities.

Twin Buttes has many responsible users who pack out their trash and pick up dangerous items left by others.  I know because I've done it for decades as an avid windsurfer and paddle boarder.  Other responsible user groups recreate at Twin Buttes, bird watchers, hunters, fisherman, off road enthusiasts, boaters, jet skiers, kayakers, disc golfers and more.  .

The City adopted a Twin Buttes Reservoir Master Recreation Plan in 2013 and I don't think it's been dusted off since.  Parks Chief Carl White said the city has been "hands off" at Twin Buttes.  He made the statement years after the city adopted the Master Recreation plan.

I admire TPWD Lt. Jason Huebner's energy and vision for Twin Buttes.  I had it once.  Hopefully, the city will make promises they can keep to him.   When I go out there I see the water's up and the city hasn't done jack to maintain areas around Twin Buttes.

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