Monday, February 6, 2012

Upcoming Twin Buttes Visioning Workshop

The City of San Angelo will hold a visioning workshop for Twin Buttes Reservoir in the near future.  The event is invitation only and will be facilitated by Texas Outdoor Consulting.  City leaders identified stakeholders to represent specific interest groups.  I've been designated the contact person for the windsurfing community and asked to bring four windsurfers to the session.   

I made a few calls, sent some e-mails.  Alvin said he could go.  I hope to hear from Medwin, Bill L. and Bill C. 

If any new windsurfers or ancient mariners want to go (James R., Lorenzo L, Rick E., Jimmy, George G., Leroy or Steve S.), please contact me at  I'm excited our voice will be heard.

P.S.  The South Pool was up when I sailed in early January.  I'd guess it was at least a foot to foot and a half higher.  The water was a chilly 52-54 degreees.


  1. Of course the event is invitation only, communistic San Angelo City Council has no vested interest in hearing from the public.

    I was out at South Pool about three days ago. The water was high enough to flow into the equalization channel.

  2. Buffalo, thanks for the update. Glad to hear the South Pool was at EQ level.

    I don't know if you saw Bill Cullins piece on the City, but it rings true for me, especially in regard to Twin Buttes.

    Admittedly, my sport range has declined with age. Thank heaven water is softer to fall on.