Friday, June 29, 2012

Annual Trashing of Twin Buttes Nears

The trashing of Twin Buttes Reservoir ramps up around July 4th.  With hot,dry conditions and the North Pool plummeting toward record lows, it would be ironic if our dwindling water supplies were needed to put out a fireworks ignited brush fire.  But that is possible given fireworks are allowed outside city limits.  Tom Green County has a burn ban, but no fireworks ban. 

City leaders are aware of the danger and designated two areas for fireworks use. 

The designated areas are Twin Buttes Marina Park Road off of U.S. Highway 67 and both sides of the Equalization Channel at the north side of the South Pool and the south side of the North Pool. City officials are urging residents to put their trash in the dumpsters that will be set up in designated areas. Littering is subject to fines. The City manages Twin Buttes, which is owned by the federal Bureau of
How successful will the city be in encouraging behavior change?  My hope is very.

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  1. The trash cans were not effective, many people left their trash lay for the city to pick up by hand. If the city was concerned at all about the environment surrounding the Twin Butes they would have police officers conducting more patrols, strictly enforcing rules, and writing tickets. Instead the population of I don't cares continues to take advantage of our wonderful resource. Very sad.