Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cheering Tropical Storm Norman's Moisture

San Angelo received nearly 6 inches of rain since Thursday evening.  That would seem to be greater than a "medium rain", the kind that should refill Twin Buttes' South Pool overnight, at least in the eyes of City Councilman Paul Alexander.  

The North Pool took on roughly 500 acre feet of water, according to the Bureau of Reclamation website

The city let half of that through to Lake Nasworthy.  This is not the total picture as runoff can take days to reach the reservoir.  However, the base level is bleak.

The South Pool's statistics are not included in the Bureau's numbers.  Adding to the South Pool's enigma status, the City cut off access weeks ago.  Apparently, a few West Texas knuckleheads vandalized the pumps.  They cost me access last Wednesday, a ninety degree day with 20-30 mph southerly winds.  I had a fair amount of fun windsurfing at flukey Lake Nasworthy, but I'd have more at the South Pool.

Despite several calls into the Water Department, I haven't heard back as to when the pumping operation will stop and citizens have access again.  More than medium rain, overnight.... I hope Paul Alexander is right.

Update 9-29-12:  Friends showed me pictures of Spring Creek flowing at 12 to 15 feet.  They said the Middle Concho had two feet of water in it.  Both Spring Creek and the Middle Concho feed the North Pool at Twin Butters.

The National Weather Service issued a flood advisory for the North Concho River which flows into O.C. Fisher Lake.  " THE NORTH CONCHO RIVER HAD RISEN TO 8.7 FEET. THIS RIVER IS EXPECTED TO RISE TO 10.4 FEET BY THIS EVENING."

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