Saturday, September 29, 2012

Runoff Rains Bless San Angelo

                          (photo by Tim Archuleta - posted on Go San Angelo)

Rains over the past three day should produce a significant runoff event for lakes providing San Angelo water.  Combined river and creek flow reached 25,500 cubic feet per second on Saturday, September 29.  Here's the breakdown (from USGS information):

Feeding the North Pool at Twin Buttes are the Middle Concho River, Spring Creek and Dove Creek.

Feeding the South Pool at Twin Buttes is the South Concho River:

The North Concho has a flood advisory and it feeds O.C. Fisher Lake:

The Colorado River near Ballinger feeds Ivie Reservoir, which supplies San Angelo water.

If the peak water flows pictured above were aggregated in one river, West Texas would've experienced water flow at half of Niagara Falls (the night time version when water is diverted for power generation).  It's a nice image for parched people at the edge of the desert.  Such a blessing...

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