Saturday, October 20, 2012

Council Stops South Pool Pumping

On October 16th San Angelo City Council stopped the pumps at Twin Buttes Reservoir's South Pool.  Gajeske's pumps will be removed, but the piping will be kept in place.  The City plans to revisit pumping March 1 of next year. 

Water Czar Will Wilde expects the South Pool to increase to where water is flowing through the Equalization Channel in early 2013.  The city also plans to explore other ways of tapping the South Pool.  Alternatives include:

1.  Pipe through the dam to the South Concho River bed (now dry)
2.  Deepening the equalization channel
3.  A more permanent version of what the city's been doing to move water from the South Pool to the North, only with buried pipe and a fixed pump house.

The Bureau of Reclamation expects the city to pay 100% of any project.  Expect to see pumps return to the South Pool, unless there's a biblical rain.

Update:  Despite the vote on October 16, pumps were running yesterday.  It seems council didn't specify a date in their motion. 

Update 10-26-12:   A drive over the equalization channel this evening showed no flow.  The pumps are stopped.

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