Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Change of Plans on South Pool

The City has been consistently inconsistent regarding pumping the South Pool.  After discovering the earthen dam in the midst of the Equalization Channel, I wrote my City Council representative.  They shared something completely new, i.e. information not shared in City Council to date regarding Twin Buttes pumping..

The latest change is to not allow the Equalization Channel to flow naturally, as expected by now.  The plan was the same as last year, to begin pumping once the natural flow stopped.  The sequence was to be natural flow, pumping.

The new plan is to The City will allow water to build up behind the earthen dam, install the pumps and have both flow simultaneously.  The hope is by pushing volume down the channel less water will be lost to seepage and evaporation.  Recall the city's original projections called for no water lost.

Update  3-17-13:  I windsurfed the South Pool yesterday and, lo and behold, a small stream of water ran through the EQ.  It sounds like it's back to the original plan.

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