Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gajeske's Pumps Safe

The North Pool at Twin Buttes rose nearly one foot from area rains.  This is in contrast to last September's deluge which sent seven feet of water into the North Pool.  Such a rise would've imperiled Gajeske's three pumps moving water from the North Pool into Lake Nasworthy.

Flow in the South Concho increased according to a local landowner, although the gauge does not indicate such.  I look forward to visiting the South Pool to see if it's gone above mud puddle status.  Below is how it looked my last time out:

The rains were an absolute blessing by replenishing soil moisture.  I'm praying for more to refill our area lakes.

Update:  The Standard Times reported "Twin Buttes Reservoir and Lake Nasworthy should catch about 500 acre-feet each."  The City can pump that out in less than a week.

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