Sunday, March 9, 2014

Twin Buttes Pumping to Return

Vendors have until March 12 to submit bids for pumping water from Twin Buttes.  Bid documents request a pump system capable of moving water from both the North and South Pools. 

No matter which route the city uses pumped water will need to cross long stretches of dry land.  Once again they'll be huge losses to seepage, thirsty vegetation and evaporation.

An addendum to the bid proposal stated the City plans to pump the South Pool down to elevation 1911 feet above sea level.  I don't think the city got that low last year when they used Option 3 and all three Gajeske pumps sucked air. 

The proposal seeks short term rental proposals to pump Twin Buttes water, likely in time for the May boat races.  As of now only the South Pool has water to give.

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