Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Twin Buttes Feeders Primed

Today's rains have local streams and arroyos flowing.  The South Concho River feeds Twin Buttes Reservoir's South Pool, which isn't far below the level where water flows into the Equalization Channel. 

I paddle boarded and windsurfed the South Pool this past weekend.  The water had cooled but I didn't need neoprene.  I expect that to change with fifty degree or lower rain. 

I sailed the North Pool on Sunday with a 6.0 square meter sail and 110 liter shortboard.  The water level had me worried about underwater obstructions, so I hope the North Pool takes on water.  Otherwise it will be a South Pool fall/winter sailing season. 

I checked a number of Concho River and area creek gauges (upstream of Twin Buttes) and none looked remarkable.  My hope is the rain thus far primed the ground for runoff and bountiful rains follow.  It's mid-level Pacific moisture which gave us our last two monster runoff events.  I'm praying for a few feet rise. 


  1. Hey brother, really appreciate your work blogging on Twin Buttes.
    Wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of mis-management, if not outright malfeasance, by San Angelo muni officials regarding public facilities and public access to the water and shoreline.
    New to the area, so my knowledge of local history and policy is limited as yet.
    Hoping to pick up more info from sites such as your blog.
    If you know of any other sites to which one may repair for more info on Twin Buttes Reservoir, please post or send them to me at whraglyn@gmail.com.
    Much interested now on current lake levels. Do you have any info or updates on how much the recent precipitation since New Year's Eve has contributed to lake levels?
    Thanks again for all your work informing us all about our lake water conditions, and about local government ineptitude and mis-spending.
    Please keep up the good work!
    Best Regards
    Scott Ragland

  2. Thank you for your message. My apology for the delay in writing back. There are a number of sources of information on Twin Buttes lake levels.



    Most use the elevation of the North Pool, thus their acre footage doesn't include the volume in the South Pool. The exception is San Angelo Live. It's Lake Level numbers for Twin Buttes include the South Pool's acre feet.


    The South Pool flowed through the Equalization Channel earlier than prior winters. My math shows the South Pool has over 8,000 acre feet, more than the current volume of the North Pool, which means pumping is likely just around the corner.

    Our unusual winter precipitation hasn't been enough to produce much in the way of runoff to fill our lakes, but they help recharge springs which feed our only perennial flow river, the South Concho.

    As for our local officials, they aren't all bad. However enough are and that bears some review and comment from the sidelines. I welcome your observations and findings.