Saturday, August 9, 2014

EQ Still Flowing, but Barely

To my surprise Twin Buttes South Pool is still sending water to the North Pool.  I thought it would've run dry under our recent 100 degree temperatures.

I visited the South Pool to see the water level and noticed the barely visible huge boulders installed by the city to keep people away from the pumping setup.  The picture above shows two water hazards made by the City of San Angelo.  The rusted pipe railing extends into the water.  I remarked to a City employee during installation that they were creating a safety hazard.

About where the pipe railing disappears into the water is the line of huge boulders.  Their tips extend to the left and run about the width of the picture.  These also have been unmarked since the South Pool rose during our May rain event.

The pad below once held three pumps that moved water into the Equalization Channel.  

The pumps disappeared in May but the "pumping fee" remains on our water bill.  I'm not sure when it too will disappear, but if I hear anything, I'll let you know.

Update 9-14-14:  The EQ is high and dry but there's plenty of water in the South Pool.  Good runoff rains should get it flowing again.

Update 11-4-14:  The October water bill still shows the "Pumping Fee."

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