Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kayakers Hit by Jet Ski on Lake Nasworthy

Yesterday evening a man driving a jet ski struck two kayakers in front of Angelo State University Lake House.  A 19 year old woman was saved by here life vest while her friend, a 20 year old male remains missing.  Officials are searching the water for his body.

Crews are searching the lake today, a summer weekend day with high water traffic.  This is terrible news for the family of the missing man.  It's tragic, plain and simple.

Lake traffic is the reason I windsurf and paddleboard anywhere but Lake Nasworthy when the water's warm.  The story indicated sun may have been a factor in the accident.  If a boater cannot see they have a duty to back off on speed.

More details will emerge in this profoundly sad situation.  Pray for all impacted by this tragedy and think about the safety of others next time you hit the water.

Update 6-7-15:  The police released more details about the man killed in the boat collision. Manuel C. Rivas, Jr.was an ASU student. 

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