Saturday, September 22, 2018

North Pool Up Over 5.5 Feet with More to Come

Twin Buttes Reservoir continues to rise from recent rains.  The Middle Concho River flow is the big contributor at the moment with over 4,600 cubic feet of water per second.  At 8:00 pm the North Pool is up over 5.5 feet.  By 9:00 pm this evening it had risen over 6 feet.

The South Concho flowed at greater volumes yesterday but is still contributing to the North Pool's rise via the Equalization Channel.

It appears the South Concho River gauge above Twin Buttes went out after 6:00 pm yesterday.  There has not been a reading posted since that time.

How much water have we been blessed with at Twin Buttes?  Already it is a significant amount.

Update:  At 11:00 pm the North Pool is up over 6.5 feet with more to come.  The Middle Concho River flowed at over 3,000 cubic feet per second at its last reading today.

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