Monday, September 24, 2018

Twin Buttes Up Ten Feet

Twin Buttes Reservoir's North Pool is ten feet higher from last week's rain.  The added water, over  12,000 acre feet, is nearly a year's worth of San Angelo's water usage of 13,441 acre feet.

Lake E. V. Spence rose over 5,000 acre feet and O. H. Ivie over 2,000 acre feet.  The Water Advisory Board meets this morning and will get to hear about these major blessings.

Update:  SanAngeloLive picked up on the Twin Buttes runoff story this morning.  The Standard Times did likewise but their story is not linkable without a paid subscription.

Update 9-25-18:  The North Pool is now up over 10.5 feet and holds over 29,500 acre feet between the two pools, North and South.  The Water Advisory Board heard about the increase in the North Pool.  City staff provided no data on the South Pool.

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