Tuesday, October 23, 2018

North and South Pools to Equalize with Less than Two Foot Rise

Image result for twin buttes north pool level with south pool

If the North Pool at Twin Buttes Reservoir increases 1.7 feet it will be level with the South Pool.  This hasn't happened in my 25 years living in San Angelo.  I've windsurfed and paddle-boarded both pools but never have been able to go between the pools (other than by land).

Our recent water level rise has been historic.  Early September 2018 pool levels were similar to those pictured here from 2012.  The North Pool is up over 32 feet since mid September.

Related image

The irony is the City of San Angelo just thumbed Tom Green County farmers who have significant water rights to Twin Buttes.  It will interesting to see if farmers chose to ignore city effluent in favor of Twin Buttes lake water.

Update 10-28-18:  The Standard Times ran a story on wastewater reuse.  It did not mention the city deal with local farmers to take effluent in place of water from Twin Buttes.

Update 10-29-18:  Concho Valley Homepage picked up the equalization story.   They said the pools equalized at 1926.50 ft elevation.  From prior readings of the South Pool the target I used was 1927 ft elevation.  What's a half foot between friends?   

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