Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Twin Buttes Tributaries Flowing

The North Pool at Twin Buttes Reservoir rose over five feet in the last week and seventeen feet in the last month.  All four tributaries contributed to today's rapid increase but the South Concho River topped the list.

Yes, it does flow into the South Pool, no longer in dead pool status.  The water runs through the Equalization Channel into the North Pool.  The next biggest contributor was Dove Creek.

The Middle Concho River, long high and dry, did its part to raise the North Pool:

Thank heaven for the rain.  May it raise our lakes in a manner that keeps people safe. 

Update 10-17-18:  The South Concho flowed at 19,000 cubic feet per second as of 22:45 this evening.  Twin Buttes North Pool is up another foot to 1911.71.  

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