Saturday, March 23, 2019

Twin Buttes Over 40 ft. Rise

Twin Buttes Reservoir is up over 40 feet since September 2018.  City Public Information Officer Anthony Wilson produced a number of videos showing the massive increase and encouraging people to recreate at the lake.

The City is responsible for managing Twin Buttes Reservoir and its federal lands.  It contracted recreation management to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  Their agreement calls for an Annual Management Plan.

When asked City staff replied they do not have a copy of the plan mentioned in their May 13, 2016 agreement with TPWD. 

The City did provide a Fire Management Plan for Twin Buttes Land.  That document stated:

Nearly three years after delegating its responsibilities to TPWD the city remains "hands off" at Twin Buttes. We'll see what happens this summer.  Will the "Wild West" return?

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