Sunday, August 18, 2013

North Pool Pump Setup

Twin Buttes Reservoir won't flow into Lake Nasworthy unless the City pumps it.  Gajeske's three pumps moved from the South Pool to the North.  The pumps sit to the right of the North Pool's huge gate.

When I arrived at the North Pool to see the setup I could hear the pumps running across the water.  They'd stopped by the time I left.  Later I drove over a nearly full Lake Nasworthy.  The City pumped Nasworthy up in time for Labor Day weekend.   

The remnants of South Pool pumping can be seen below.

The smell of diesel fuel arose from this spot:

The South Pool has a mere 200 acre feet, thanks to nearly four months of pumping.  It's the North Pool's turn to ensure Lake Nasworthy recreation and provide San Angelo municipal water.


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