Sunday, April 27, 2014

Pumps Are Back at South Pool

San Angelo Live picked up the City's rumored intent to pump the South Pool for the third year in a row.  City Council approved pumping in their April 1 consent agenda.  There was no discussion on the item.

I visited the South Pool today for recreation purposes, accessing the lake from a different entrance than San Angelo Live. The lake is up slightly to 1921.25 feet elevation.  The City's bid documents state they plan to pump ten feet out of the South Pool (down to elevation 1911 feet).  I don't think that's physically possible given the size of the pipes.  They might could get there with a straw.

Today I saw three pumps, along with three diesel tanks.  They're back in the spot they occupied the last two years (see picture from 2012 above). The scene today was distinctly more brown.

With no intake pipes going to the water another windsurfer and I were able to drive down the beach past the Equalization Channel to access the west wind.  I expect shoreline access to be reduced dramatically in the near future.

The wind blew today but it was highly variable, typical of our west winds.  I switched back and forth between a 110 liter and an 87 liter short board.  My sail size was 5.5 square meters, rigged flat, but it could've been 4.5 or 6.5, depending on the wind speed.

They weren't the roughest conditions I've windsurfed, but at times they were challenging.  I was glad to have someone else on the water today.  Age and the extra ballast I'm carrying made sailing a little tougher.  Can't do anything about the age but I can address the weight issue.  I'll do my darnedest to windsurf it off!

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