Sunday, April 13, 2014

South Pool Sailable for Now

No pumps yet at the South Pool.  The water level keeps rising slightly.  I windsurfed  the South Pool today.  I rode a F2 130 liter shortboard and a 6.0 square meter North sail.  It was the right rig in the gusts.  I had a few runs that were about the fastest I've traversed the lake (parallel to the north shore).  Fortunately, I had company on the water. 

A convertible wetsuit and a pair of old Okespor booties kept me comfortable.  Despite our colder than normal winter our shallow lake is turning warmer quickly.

There are a few skinny, thorny mesquites growing in the shallow water.  There's the usual broken glass, familiar to anyone who recreates at either the North or South Pool at Twin Buttes. 

Waterfowl were out in force and I saw many fish jumping.  It was a great day to be outside and on the water.  It's not clear which method the city plans to use to pump the South Pool.  It'll either be the last two year's setup, three pumps with piping to the Equalization Channel or one pipe with three pumps over the dam to the South Concho River bed. 

It's time to sail the South Pool, before the pumps reduce it again to a shallow mud hole.

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  1. nasworthy gauge is stuck. no report of actual level available. local news reporting wrong level. concho river at san angelo dipped to 1,5 cfs last night for a few hours. sorry you will have to drink radioactive water soon. cant imagine that. mike from austin