Sunday, April 6, 2014

Water Advisory Board Meets Infrequently

Former City Councilman Paul Alexander spoke during public comment at San Angelo's City Council meeting on April 1st.  He shared his longtime interest in water and his desire to impact local water supplies while on City Council.  He parlayed that into an appointment on the city's Water Advisory Board.

The Water Advisory Board is yet to meet since Alexander's appointment.  I searched the city's old website numerous times on the Water Advisory Board only to find it rarely met. The purpose the few times it met seemed to be to rubber stamp a decision by former Water Chief Will Wilde.  One of those was the selection of Carollo Engineering for the Hickory Project.

The board met once under new Water Chief Ricky Dickson to approve the bid for the well field expansion.  That was July 29, 2013.

The city's new website shows no agendas under the Water Advisory Board archive.

The new website is disadvantaged as older documents must be manually loaded. 

The web has an article from 2003 and a brackish water use study from 2008.  Jim Turner at ConchoInfo raised Alexander's question a year ago.  Several weeks after his piece the Water Advisory Board met.

Piecing together the recent picture reveals the Water Advisory Board met in:

July 2013
August 2012
January 2011

The city's YouTube site has a video from 2013 where UCRA consultant Stephen Brown predicted fall rains, such that Dickson would need a boat.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Oddly UCRA's Stephen Brown said they had something to bring back to the Water Advisory Board in a few weeks or a few months.  That didn't happen either.  The UCRA presented the Red Arroyo Project to City Council, not the Water Advisory Board.

The board with San Angelo's most important charge should be more than an annual rubber stamp.  

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