Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Heat to Bake Twin Buttes

I visited Twin Buttes South Pool the last two weekends and couldn't believe water still flowed through the Equalization Channel.  I expect this week's 100 degree heat and corresponding evaporation to end the flow.

Ten days ago I windsurfed using a 7.5 square meter Naish sail and Mistral Equipe, a light air course board.  I had a blast, sailing for an hour before the wind died.  At that point I let my sail dry on the beach and grabbed my paddle.  I launched the Equipe and began paddling straight across the lake.

After ten feet or so my fin hit something and the board stopped completely.  I was puzzled by what that could be.  I was fifteen feet away from shore and had struck a significant underwater obstruction.  I looked down and could see nothing.  I backed up a little and paddled again.  The fin struck a second time.  Then I remembered the city had installed six or seven huge rocks in front of the pump pad.

I was grateful not to have hit those rocks while planing on a windsurfer.  I wondered if any boaters hull, motor or prop hit those rocks.  When city staff installed the pipe railing I told them they were creating an underwater obstruction, a potential safety hazard.  They seemed nonplussed.

The huge rocks are a much greater safety hazard, one capable of causing serious harm and damage.  With the water level dropping they should soon be in view.  That will enable lake users to recognize the danger and take appropriate action.

The city installed the rocks and pipe railing and could mark these as hazards for South Pool users.  Might that get into the Twin Buttes Master Plan?  We shall see.

I am grateful for the cooler than normal summer to date and that water was still flowing through the Equalization Channel.  It's been a blessing. 

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