Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Prospect of Schlepping Gear

How would you like to carry a twelve-foot sailboard a third of a mile to the water, then trudge back for your sail, boom, mast extension, fin and mast foot?  What if conditions change and you need different gear?  More schlepping.   

What if you're giving windsurfing lessons to kids from the Goodfellow Rec Camp?  Bring on the burros!  That could soon be the case in surprising San Angelo.

The City sprung a Twin Buttes-Phase I Access Change into November's budget amendments.  The topic will be discussed this Tuesday, December 7.  Any small craft owners, who want accommodation, like off road bikes and ATV's, need to speak up.

Irony is the City might use a fund "to improve water recreation" to reduce water recreation.

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