Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lack of Runoff for Twin Buttes

I walked the banks of the Middle Concho yesterday, hoping to hear the river roar. Over the weekend heavy rains near Barnhart washed away a pickup truck. Fortunately, the driver escaped safely from the raging river, suddenly a 150 to 200 feet wide torrent. 

From the data above, none of that runoff made the North Pool at Twin Buttes, which is fed by the Middle Concho.  Or, if it did, the City has been letting it (and more) flow through the gate at Twin Buttes.

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  1. Has any one officially accounted for why this torrent of water didn't make it to the North pool? Absorbed by the dry stream bed I presume. Incidentally, have you ever checked out the North, Middle, and South Concho river basins from Google earth? At first I saw what looked like cities in places there were not any habitations that I was aware of. Then I realized it was not subdivisions I was seeing, but a grid of caliche roads linking thousands upon thousands of oil and gas wells out there... Stunning.