Saturday, January 25, 2014

South Pool's Future Mirrors Past

Twin Buttes' South Pool is up nearly a foot since I last visited.  That's in stark contrast to every other lake in town.  The City of San Angelo warned about a declining Lake Nasworthy and its potential impact on boaters and recreational users.

There has been no discussion yet on what to do with roughly 2,000 acre feet in the South Pool.  The lake level should continue its winter rise if left untouched.  I don't think it will reach the height needed to flow into the Equalization Channel without major runoff rains. 

It remains to be seen how this water is transferred for municipal use.  Pumping to the equalization channel and having the water gravity fed led to huge losses from seepage and evaporation.  Water Chief Ricky Dickson never updated the prior year's loss analysis, as requested by Council, but then again, he never provided Council the 60 day update after initiating pumping in 2013.

Will South Pool water make it to Lake Nasworthy in time for the Lucas Oil Boat Races?  God knows I'm praying for rain, warmer weather and wind. Our real winter has cut into my windsurfing time.  

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