Friday, July 4, 2014

Twin Buttes on July 4th

A quick tour of the South Pool at Twin Buttes revealed the lake to be up roughly ten feet from the last time I visited (before May's runoff rains).  The caliche road to the South Pool was rutted and I saw the first damaged gate, pulled over by four wheelers.

Water flowed through the Equalization Channel and I saw standing water where the pipes had been.

Due to water levels and pipe railing there is very little drivable shore access on the North side of the South Pool.  It was great seeing so much water.  The elevation stood at just over 1927 feet.

The drive to the North Pool took me past Lake Nasworthy.  Thousands staked out prime spots for this evening's fireworks display.  I passed two fireworks stands on Highway 67.  Business looked brisk.

At the city maintained park at Twin Buttes North Pool I saw hundreds of people, some already shooting off fireworks.  People were spread out across the park.  Some set up in the Old Marina parking lot, others used the covered picnic table areas, while many parked in the new boat ramp lot.  Another set ringed the shore across from the island.

The city had one large dumpster in the Marina lot and another in the boat ramp parking area.  We'll see how many use it.

Historically, July 4th has been the annual trashing of Twin Buttes.  Will the pattern repeat?

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