Wednesday, October 16, 2013

O. C. Fisher Beneficiary of Rains

NOAA's gauges indicated only one lake received substantial runoff from the area's recent rains, O. C. Fisher Lake.  This was due to a rapid rise in the North Concho River on Monday. 

Lake Ivie and the North Pool at Twin Buttes remained at levels prior to our area's rains.

The South Pool has no gauge, however the South Concho River showed no rise, unlike its Northern counterpart.

I tried to post a piece last night on O. C. Fisher's eight foot rise but Blogger wouldn't cooperate.  Waiting a day enabled an extra foot to enter the lake.  Might another lake be the beneficiary of future rains?  I'm praying for it.


  1. I've been following your blog for some time, and though I havent joined the S.A. Sailing group on yahoo - I intend to as soon as I purchase a sail kit. I have a few questions concerning canoeing in that area - how do I contact you? -Midlander

  2. Hi James,

    Feel free to contact me via

    I just took up Stand Up & Paddleboarding. Now I can get out on the water wind or no wind. I'll share what I know, which may not be great in the canoeing arena. I do have friends who kayak though. Look forward to hearing from you.