Saturday, July 13, 2013

North Pool is On its Own

Silence returned to Twin Buttes South Pool when all three pumps stopped operating.  Each had found air.

The last time two pumps stopped the city extended the intake and refired the pumps.  I don't see how they can do that again given low water levels and the height of the pipe.

The Equalization Channel is in the process of drying up. 

Observers can see fish trying to find their way to deeper water, but there's little to be found.  That's highly symbolic of our area, where two houses in Big Lake burned down due to no water available in fire hydrants.

Barnhart wanted to buy water from San Angelo, which faces rapidly dwindling supplies.  Former City Councilman Paul Alexander stated a "medium rain" would quickly refill the South Pool.  I don't know of many medium rains that produce 4,000 acre feet of runoff water.  Let's hope Paul's prediction is soon fulfilled.

Pray that next week's projected runoff event occurs.

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