Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pumps Restarted

The City of San Angelo restarted pumping the South Pool.  All three pumps were running this evening.  Each pump can move 25 acre feet per day, a total of 75 acre feet when all three are operating.  I expect the one above to suck air in the next day or two.

The other two won't be far behind, maybe a week with no runoff rains.

So much for the City maintaining a minimum level for wildlife.  The South Pool was down to 200 acre feet before a rare Westbound Low Pressure System gave us days of rain.  I expect the City to have drained the 500 acre feet increase in less than ten days. 

City Council won't meet until August 6, likely three days after all three pumps hit air. Their instruction to bring the topic back looks rather hollow.

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