Thursday, May 1, 2014

City Fires Up South Pool Pumps

The roar of diesel engines returned to Twin Buttes South Pool for the third time in three years.  The City plans to pump the South Pool from 1921.25 feet to 1911 feet elevation. 

In 2012 the city estimated losses from this stage of the operation at 22 to 29%.

A second stage will be required to move water from the North Pool to Lake Nasworthy.  Two years ago the city moved 77 acre feet per day from the South Pool to have 25 acre feet gravity flow into Lake Nasworthy.  That's a 67% shortfall from a one stage pumping operation.

The city made no estimations in 2013 when it undertook a two stage pumping process, despite a direct request from City Council to do so.  It remains to be seen what happens in 2014.  Twin Buttes pumping is off and running this May Day.  Mayday sums up our local water situation.  Pray for rain, or as a good friend often says "Pray for brains."

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