Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spring Creek Didn't Rise Like 2012

One oddity arose out of our area's recent runoff rains.  Why didn't Spring Creek rise like its counterparts during our five day rain event.  Dove Creek and the Middle Concho River had much different flow:

Here's how Spring Creek looked in September 2012 after Tropical Storm Norman's moisture hit our area.  Its flow was over seven times greater in that flood event.

I believe a factor is diversion of the Lopez draw, which runs into Spring Creek.  An oilfield water seller drilled wells and excavated smack in the middle of the draw.

When the City of San Angelo explored capturing water from the Red Arroyo, consultants stated the state of Texas controlled water flowing through a conveyance, a place where water flows intermittently.  I assume Lopez Draw is like the Red Arroyo and the state would've needed to approve any efforts to capture the water. I doubt that occurred and suspect changes in Spring Creek flow to be indicative of diversion. 

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