Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pumping's Measly Returns

The City of San Angelo utilized six pumps to move Twin Buttes water to Lake Nasworthy.  Three pumps take South Pool water into the Equalization Channel where it gravity flows into the North Pool.  A second set of three pumps sends North Pool water through the huge gates of the dam.

One third of the South Pool water is sent into Lake Nasworthy then released downstream.  Roughly another third is lost to seepage, thirsty vegetation and evaporation during travel.

A mere 19% of the pumped water is still in Lake Nasworthy.  This percentage came from the last two sets of lake water volume data published by San Angelo Live.  That means 15% is used for our daily water supply.

Let's hope the 19% remaining in Lake Nasworthy can be used later for the city's water needs and not have to be let downstream.

Without additional rains I expect the South Pool to be pumped out within three to four weeks. 

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