Monday, May 19, 2014

South Pool Down Over Three Feet

The South Pool at Twin Buttes is down nearly 3.5 feet as of Saturday afternoon.  Th elevation dropped from 1921.3 to less than 1918.  Three pumps are operating at the South Pool.  Last year the pump setup could move 75 acre feet a day  and that was a specification in this year's RFP for Twin Buttes pumping systems.

The system shall be capable of discharging approximately 75 acre-feet per day. 

A second set of three pumps is at the North Pool.  San Angelo Live shared the city's math on pumping:

The pumps at the South Pool are moving approximately 60 acre-feet of water per day and since Nasworthy loses some 25 acre-feet per day under normal conditions, the water from next door has to pay back the loss before it goes on to the credit side of the ledger.  According to data from the City’s water utility department, Lake Nasworthy has been gaining about 25 acre-feet of water per day since May 8th.
I would venture the South Pool pumps deliver 60 acre feet per day to the North Pool, losing 15 acre feet (of the 75) to seepage, thirsty vegetation and evaporation.   The North Pool takes that 60 and after evaporation/seepage Lake Nasworthy gets 50 acre feet, the 25 let downstream and 25 acre foot gain per day.

The North Pool is below the level the City pumped it to last Fall.  It seems they found a deeper channel for their three intake pipes.  The North Pool hasn't been suitable for windsurfing for quite some time.  The South Pool has maybe two weeks left where it is sailable.  With no rain Twin Buttes could soon be two small mud holes.  Pray for rain.

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