Friday, May 30, 2014

North Pool Looking Good

Twin Buttes North Pool keeps rising, ever so slowly.  A few days ago the Equalization Channel looked like the old days.

Here's the view from the North Pool's Finbuster Beach on May 27th.  The North Pool is at least a foot higher since this picture was taken:

I'll be able to windsurf the North Pool again.  For that I am grateful.

Update 6-10-14:  The North Pool is over 1899 feet elevation!


  1. Does anyone know if the south pool gates are now open?

  2. There are no gates at the South Pool. The water must feed into the Equalization Channel and flow into the North Pool which has the large set of gates.

    There is a small pump house at the furthest shore, which used to pump water over the dam into the South Concho River Bed. I have never seen it in operation.

    Having a more permanent method to move water from the South Pool was a priority of the Alvin New-Kendall Hirschfeld-Paul Adams, Fredd Adams, Johnny Silvas, Charlotte Farmer & Dwain Morrison. They instructed Will Wilde to explore it. Given Will's obstruction on anything that might impair TGC farmers keeping their multiple water rights, nothing happened.

    There's even a rumor during the dam repair a contractor took out a huge pipe that was supposed to allow for flow through the dam at the South Pool. It was never installed. The Bureau of Reclamation would be knowledgeable of any plans in that regard.

    I expect the city spent over $1 million renting pumps three years straight. How much of a pipeline would that build?